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 'Transiting Aspects' 
Introducing the 'Transiting Aspects' mobile phone astrology\horoscope software by

'Transiting Aspects'
'Transiting Aspects' is's first Astrology\Horoscope program for J2ME™ enabled mobile phones.


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Unlike other mobile phone Horoscope software, 'Transiting Aspects' does not require an Internet connection to 'download' Horoscopes (which costs money); all of the calculation is done on your phone, and the information displayed comes from data stored within the program, so it truly is a use anywhere, anytime Astrology application. Furthermore the 'Transiting Aspects' mobile phone program does not give a general 'Sun Sign' Horoscope like most Horoscope services; it compares the positions of the Astrological bodies on a date with where they were when you were born and details their influences.

Detailed Description:
In Astrology, when the position of the Astrological bodies for one time are compared to where they were at the time of birth, their alignment can be used to indicate what influences someone is under at a particular time. More commonly this is known as a Horoscope.

Generally what you see in newspapers and magazines is based on solely the current positions of the bodies without any birth information. Except perhaps, a rough guess based on the part of the chart the Sun is in; the Sun Sign.

'Transiting Aspects' is all about comparing where the Sun, Moon and planets are in relation to the Earth at two different times and telling you about their influences according to Western Astrology.

This program will compare the Sun, Moon and other planet positions at the time of birth (or any other time) with where they are or were at another time. Then it will display a guide to the Astrological meaning of when the angles between them fit with the significant astrology angles which are know as Aspects.

'Transiting Aspects' will show you information for these Aspects:

    Major Aspects:

  • Conjunction (0° apart)
  • Trine (60° apart)
  • Square (90° apart)
  • Sextile (120° apart)
  • Opposed (180° apart)
    Minor Aspects:

  • Quincunx (150° apart)
  • Semi-square (45° apart)
  • Sesquiquadrate (135° apart)
  • Semi-sextile (30° apart)
  • Quintile (72° apart)
  • Biquintile (144° apart)

For each Aspected pair the 'Transiting Aspects' program for mobile phones will give you a description that details the influence and meaning.

'Transiting Aspects' has been designed to be used on just about any J2ME™ enabled mobile phone and is small enough to work on many basic and older phones.

'Transiting Aspects' is a freeware application. This means that it costs no money and can be freely distributed. We also provide a WAP area for downloading our software:

Download the application

Download using phone
Download for PC transfer
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